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Safe Pepper Project

Safe Pepper Project

Thời gian đăng : 19:06 22/11/2017

Safe Pepper Production ProjectChi tiết 

Dakado Group

Dakado Group

Thời gian đăng : 10:18 13/05/2015

Dakado Group Name of the Productive Partnership :  DAKADO  AVOCADO PRODUCTIVE PARTNERSHIP(Called as the Productive Partnership hereafter) Objective of the PP            :   Production and development of potentials of avocado trees in Daklak Place for implementation of the Project : - Buon Ma Thuot City - Krong...Chi tiết 

DAKADO: Discover with us

DAKADO: Discover with us

Thời gian đăng : 14:25 17/03/2015

Dear consumer, when you purchase DAKADO the product will always be recognizable through the DAKADO label that is glued directly unto the fruit. This label covers a code that will make it possible for us to trace the DAKADO back to the person who harvested the DAKADO.Chi tiết 

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What is an avocado
Avocado trees flourished already 50 million years ago in Central America and its fruits are considered as one of the best gifts of Mother Nature. The first species to discover the magic of avocados was the dinosaur. The avocado is an evergreen fruit tree. It grows only in subtropical climates and can become 12 to 20 meters tall. The fruit is not sweet, but fatty, is strongly flavoured, and has a smooth, almost creamy texture. The taste of avocados can differ substantially, depending on the oil content of the individual fruit.
In Vietnam, traders classify avocado into the following three categories which based on their oil contents:

Đang trực tuyến : 1

Hôm nay : 72

Hôm qua : 139

Tất cả : 413.522

Trong tháng : 2.237

Trong tuần : 0

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