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Dakado Group

Post time: 13/05/2015 10:18

 The DAKADO Group - Productive Partnership


Ms Victoria Kwakwa - Country Director, The World Bank Vietnam, East Asia and Pacific visit Dakado Association

  1. Name of the Productive Partnership :  DAKADO  AVOCADO PRODUCTIVE PARTNERSHIP
(Called as the Productive Partnership hereafter)
Objective of the PP            :   Production and development of potentials of avocado trees in Daklak
Place for implementation of the Project :             - Buon Ma Thuot City, Krong Ana and Cu M’Nga districts
  1. PP Partners :
    1. THU NHƠN CO. LTD.
  1. Address : No. 60 Nguyễn Chí Thanh Street, Tân An Commune, Buôn Ma Thuột City, Đak Lak Province
  1. Business License No. 4002001125 granted on December 14, 2007 by the Đak Lak Provincial DPI
  1. Tax code : 6000 691069
  1. Business experiences: the Thu Nhon Co.Ltd is a proactive enterprise in Daklak Province in the field of trading and development of potentials of avocado trees, which are considered to be very good for the health of consumers and suitable to the agro-climatic conditions of the province and to bring high incomes to farmers. However, the potentials of avocado trees have not been properly exploited due to the lack of concerns from local competent authorities and other enterprises.
Having been experienced for 20 years in the production and trading of avocado fruits, the enterprise has contributed to the diversification of agro-products and the generation of incomes for farmers in Daklak and has gained remarkable progress in the avocado production sub-sector in Daklak such as:
  • Creating and development of the DAKADO Trademark (Daklak Avocado), which is very well-known in the market;
  • Bringing the high quality wax avocado of the Daklak Province with the DAKADO trademark to consumers through large supermarkets systems such as METRO, CO.OP MART, BIG C, VINATEXT, FIVIMART,…
  • Exporting avocado fruits to the Cambodian market;
  • Adding values to the wax avocado produce in the locality;
  • Serving as a firm bridge for conveying agro-products directly from farmers to the consumers in the country and in the world.
Hopefully, with the commitment, enthusiasm and experiences of the enterprise staff and all the DAKADO Avocado PP members, along with the ACP helpful assistance, our alliance will continue with gaining new achievements i.g. specializing the avocado sub-sector in Daklak, integrating Vietnam’s agro-products into the international market, making a foundation for creation and development of a avocado processing factory with some new products such as Avocado oil and avocado powder, which are used for foodstuff and cosmetic sectors in the future. 
  1. Representative: PHẠM THỊ THANH TRINH
  1. Position: Director
  1. Telephones : +84 500 3953410 – 0918 885169
  1. Email: customercare@dakado.vn
  1. COLLABORATIVE GROUPS:   100 avocado farming households divided into three groups managed by the Farmers’ Association.
*      Group 1: Buon Ma Thuot Collaborative Group : consisting of 69 farming households with a cultivation area of 82 ha, of which 26 households come from Ede Minority Ethnic Group. The group is headed by Mr. Phạm Đình Bửng   
*      Group 2: Cu M’Nga Collaborative Group : consisting of 16 farming households with a cultivation area of 18.7 ha, which is headed by Mr. Đàm Lê Quang   
*      Group 3: Collaborative Group of Eana Commune, Krong Ana District : consisting of 20 farming households with a cultivation area of 34 ha, which is headed by Mr. Nguyễn Văn Tám 
5.    Business Method of the Productive Partnership
  • Producing and trading avocado fruits in the market demand driven approach with the VIETGAP AND GLOBAL GAP certifications ( Produce of high quality and highest profits must be ensured for all the PP partners) 
  1. Benefits brought by the Project
    1. In economic aspect :
  • Yield : The yield will increase thanks to application of proper cultivation techniques and good practices in pruning, fertilizing and pest management ........through the ACP supported training in VIETGAP & GLOBAL GAP standards).
  • Quality : The produce quality will be significantly improved thanks to investments with the financial supports provided by the ACP in tools and equipment for taking care of, planting, collection, transportation  and post-harvest technologies. Consequently, the produce to be sold is harvested in time at the fully matured level; the post -harvest losses will be reduced and 90 % of the produce coming from the PP will reach the DAKADO wax avocado standards. Furthermore, the production and collection activities of the FO will follow the same technical process so the produce quality will be uniform and will satisfy the requirements of big markets in the Asia such as Japan, China, Singapore and Hong Kong..... Therefore, the selling price will be higher and the farmers will get more profits from that.
  • Economic effectiveness: Values will be added to avocado fruits and the selling price will increase by 30 % thanks to the DAKADO trademark. However, the margin will be significantly increased thanks to reduction of the number of mediators in the supply chain. Working together in an alliance, the cost of inputs will be reduced for both enterprise and the FO. On the other hand, the avocado fruits with VIET GAP and GLOBAL GAP certificates will be sold at a premium.   
  • The Productive Partnership will create a sustainable mutual relation between the FO and the AB in all the business activities, as well as in all the BDSs related to the production, processing and export chain.... 
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17/03/2015 14:25
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What is an avocado
Avocado trees flourished already 50 million years ago in Central America and its fruits are considered as one of the best gifts of Mother Nature. The first species to discover the magic of avocados was the dinosaur. The avocado is an evergreen fruit tree. It grows only in subtropical climates and can become 12 to 20 meters tall. The fruit is not sweet, but fatty, is strongly flavoured, and has a smooth, almost creamy texture. The taste of avocados can differ substantially, depending on the oil content of the individual fruit.
In Vietnam, traders classify avocado into the following three categories which based on their oil contents:

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